Autumn…Beach Days for Wilbur

Wilbur loves autumn.  The weather starts to cool down and the tourists start to clear out, and Wilbur gets to run free on the beach once again.

As soon as we near the beach, Wilbur gets excited. His head whips from side to side and the whining starts.


When the car stops he bounds out and heads down the steps to the sand…


Wilbur has to sniff every inch of sand…every clump of stinky seaweed…

When he finds just the right piece, he has to roll in it until his whole body is full of stink…


Once in awhile he will meet a pal or two.  Some of his pals are very chatty!  Others just like to play “chase me”.


Sometimes he just likes to saunter along and breathe in the salt air…


But he never, ever goes near the water…even on a calm day.  Perhaps he thinks that the water melts puppy dogs.  Or maybe that there are hound-eating sea monsters in there!

The closest he will get is when his Dad is with him ’cause Dad will protect him!


But his favourite part of visiting the beach?  Going home and crawling into bed.  Getting his wet, sandy fur all over the bedding.  And snuggling with Dad.


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